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Discover options available for maintaining optimal org health

I’ve been working in Salesforce since 2014. And the platform has been around since 2000, which means there could be some Salesforce orgs out there that are 20 years old! That’s ANCIENT in the technology world. A lot of the customers I’ve been working with lately have orgs that are 6+ years old, and they’ve been coming to me and asking, “Hey, how are we doing, How’s your Org health Status?”

This got me thinking about Salesforce checkups. How can I help a company perform an assessment like this? But also, how can I help their onsite Admin get positioned to better manage their Salesforce org afterward? So, without further ado, I’ll share some of the things that I recommend to my customers and have also been actively helping them manage:

My Top 10 Self Service Salesforce Org Health Tools – All are Free

? Salesforce Health Checker

? Salesforce CLI Scanner Plug-in

? Checkmarx Apex Code Scanner

? Apex PMD Tool

? Salesforce Optimiser

? Org Doctor 

? Lightning Readiness Assessment Report 

? Field Trip  

? Manual Org Assessment

Salesforce-led Programs

? Org Health Accelerator
? Adoption & Usage Metrics
? Enterprise Architecture Assessment
? Org Reboot Offering

In my next blogs, I can share each and every tool functionality and how to get that installed, Cheers!!!

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