#5.Field Trip-Self Service Salesforce Org Health Tool

Now a days, data cleansing is very critical for effective data storage and data consistency. We need to constantly analyze the fields on their usage and existence.For such type of analysis, there comes a tool called FIELD TRIP.

What is Field trip

? Field Trip lets you analyze the fields of any object, giving you instant insight into what percentage of your records (or a subset) have that specific field populated. Run reports on the standard and custom fields you have in Salesforce for a better understanding of which field are important to your organization.

Once installed, simply name your trip, select an object (e.g. Accounts) and, optionally add a filter (for record subsets). Then you will receive a report detailing field usage (or lack thereof), available for simple export.

How to Get it Installed

Go to AppExchange and download the Field Trip app and install it in your developer org or any of your sandbox or Production Orgs


? Easy to analyze the fields for all custom and standard objects fields.

? Field trip reports help to analyze the fields which are not used consistently.

? No limitation to the number of records or fields to be analyzed.

? Analyzing the subset of records by adding filters is possible.

? Cleaning up the unused fields in the object.


❤️ In the Field Trip, we can’t create the report based on the page layout.

❤️ All reports should display all the fields listed on an object.

❤️ If we need to analyze the subset of records, then we require an SOQL Query to be built to filter those records.

❤️ Field Creation Date is not available on the reports. When a field is created, the field utilization % will be zero. It would be nice if we could pull based on the creation date of the field on the report.


This Field Trip Application is very simple and easy to use.This is the best tool for data cleansing  and data analyses process.Report generation helps us to easily find and remove any unused fields in the object.

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  1. That’s cool, thanks for sharing @Phaneendra.But May I ask is it very new? And how is this beneficial from health chk or optimizer in salesforce?

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