Salesforce Private Connect for AWS is Available Worldwide

Salesforce announce the global availability of our Private Connect service. With Private Connect, customers can deploy API integrations between Salesforce and AWS that are privately routed and avoid public internet traffic.

Benefit: Developer teams meet their security and regulatory requirements as they build integrations that power global, omni-channel customer experiences.

Previously, Private Connect was only available in the United States. Developers like me looking to build integrations between AWS and Salesforce had to manually configure allowlists, proxies, and more in their network architectures. These become tedious for my team to maintain as the business grows and we needs scale up.

Connecting from AWS to Salesforce

Instead, custom applications deployed in a VPC on AWS can call the Salesforce APIs through a private tunnel, and the API traffic does not traverse the public internet at any point. Many of our customers have processes that, for example, load Lead records into Salesforce from a variety of sources. This is a great use of this “inbound” architecture pattern.

Amazon AppFlow makes these deployments easier by automating Private Connect provisioning and providing a point-and-click setup experience. It’s a great option to consider.

Connecting from Salesforce to AWS

Private Connect can also be used for “outbound” calls from Salesforce to AWS. HTTP callouts in Apex can be routed through the same private tunnel. This is valuable when, for example, custom logic in Apex calls out to an AWS service in a VPC to verify that an item is in stock before processing a customer’s order.

Find out more details on Global Availability:

Private Connect was built in collaboration with Amazon Web Services, Contact your account representative to get started with Private Connect today!

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