Certified Developer Summer -16 Maintenance Q&A

Set I:

1)What are two features of Lightning Design Tokens? Choose 2 answers

Reuse throughout Lightning component CSS resources
Define essential values of visual design

2)Which are the new Objects & their use case? Choose 3 answers

EmailMessageRelation – link email message to multiple different types of objects
AccountContactRelation – link Contact to Multiple Accounts
LinkedArticle – Attach Knowledge articles to Work Orders

3)How can Messages to the end users be improved with the Toasts entity? Choose 2 answers

Provide multiple actions for the user in one message
Use pre-configured toasts to customize the styling of your toast messages

4)What are three ways a static resource can be referenced with the $Resource Global Value Provider? Choose 3 answers

Use in Lightning Component javascript controller
Use In Lightning Component markup
To reference Images, Stylesheets & Javascript filesipt files

5)What is true about Visualforce support in Lightning Experience?

Visualforce is supported in Lightning Experience

Set II:

1. Which two Objects are accessible via APEX?
Choose 2 answers
A. LinkedContactRelation
B. ApexTestRunResult
C. AccountContactRelation
D. DatedConversionRate
Answer: BC

2. What should be considered when using Custom DocTypes in Visualforce?
A. Custom DocTypes can be specified as an attribute on the tag.
B. Custom DocTypes can be specified using the tag.
C. Only the HTML and PDF DocTypes are supported in Visualforce.
D. Custom DocTypes are unsupported in Visualforce.
Answer: A

3. Which two are true when activating LockerService?
Choose 2 answers
A. LockerService affects both Lightning Components and Visualforce Pages that contain JavaScript
B. LockerService is enforced on Managed Packages when the Critical Update is not Activated
C. LockerService is not enforced on Managed Packages when the Critical Update is not Activated
D. When LockerService is enabled, the instance of operator is unreliable
Answer: AD

4. Which values can be entered that are enhancements to Lightning Components?
A. Number values using k, m, b, or t
B. Boolean values as yes or no
C. Rich-text values into text fields
D. Date values using mm/dd/yyyy
Answer: A

5. Which field can be used to match with existing Accounts and Contacts when using the Data Import Wizard?
A. An External Key Field
B. Account Site
C. An External ID Field
D. A Unique Field
Answer: C

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