Certified Administrators Summer -16 Maintenance Q&A

1)What action can the recipient of a shared note perform in Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic?

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2)Sales representatives at Universal Containers require approval for large discounts on opportunities and sales management to automate the submission once the opportunity reaches the \”Negotiation\” stage. What two features can an administrator use to meet this requirement?

Workflow & Process Builder

3)What is a capability of Sharing Settings for Files attached to records in Salesforce Classic?

Access can be set to Set By Record

4)What are two capabilities of process builder?

Calling Apex code & Multiple if/then statements

5)What are two capabilities of Chatter Questions?

Create cases from Questions in Chatter & Incorporate Chatter Questions into Self-service Communities

6)What feature gives an administrator a one-page view of how well the org meets Salesforce security standards?

Health check

7)When an answer is posted in Chatter Questions, what two personas can select the best answer for a question?

Moderator & Person who asked the question

8)When an identity verification method is added to a user\’s account, what confirms this action?

User gets an email

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