Salesforce Certified Platform Developer -1 Spring ’18 Release Exam Q & A

1 of 5. What is the replacement that Salesforce recommends for IDE 2 Beta?

  • A. MavensMate for Sublime Text
  • B. Workbench
  • C. Salesforce Extensions for VS Code
  • D. Developer Console

2 of 5. Which Salesforce command line interface (CLI) command supports the generation of new Apex triggers?

  • A. force:data:sobject:createtrigger
  • B. force:apex:trigger:create
  • C. force:schema:sobject: -t I createtrigger
  • D. force:trigger:new

3 of 5. Which debug type captures information related to accessing external objects with the Salesforce Connect cross-org and OData adapters?


4 of 5. Which global variable can be used to detect whether a Visualforce page is loaded in Lightning apps with console navigation or standard navigation?

  • A. $U1.UserTheme
  • B. $Browser.formFactor
  • C. $Organization.UlTheme
  • D. $User.U1Theme

5 of 5. What can be used to control the styling and behavior of the Salesforce login process?

  • A. Lightning component login flow
  • B. Visualforce Page login flow
  • C. Process Builder on login event
  • D. Quick Action on login event

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