Salesforce Certified Platform App builder Spring ’18 Release Exam Q & A

1 of 5. What is a new feature in Lightning Experience added to Reports and Dashboards in this release?

  • A. Matrix Reports
  • B. Joined Reports
  • C. Row limit filters on Dashboards
  • D. Subscribe to Reports
  • E. Subscribe to Dashboard

2 of 5. How can an App Builder add a Flow to the Action menu on a Lighting record page?

  • A. Using a Global Action
  • B. Using an Auto-launched Flow
  • C. Using an Object-specific Action
  • D. Using a Lightning component

3 of 5. Which new standard feature should an App Builder use to collect Sales team feedback about a new Lightning page layout?

  • A. Survey Quick Action
  • B. Survey Email Alert
  • C. Survey Visualforce page
  • D. Survey Lightning component

4 of 5. Which data protection functionality does the Individual object provide?

  • A. Personal Information packaging
  • B. Personal Information deletion
  • C. Data Privacy Preferences
  • D. Data Privacy Protection

5 of 5. Which object now triggers a Process Builder and Workflow Rule?

  • A. Orders
  • B. Topics
  • C. Assets
  • D. Campaigns

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