Salesforce Certified Administrator Winter ’18 Release Exam Q & A

1 of 5. The sales teams at Universal Containers need to easily access the Sales Pipeline Dashboard. How can an administrator accomplish this in Lightning Experience?
A. Create a cross object dashboard component and add to the record
B. Create a embedded dashboard and add to the Home tab
C. Create a new component for each sales user and add to their profile
D. Create a new object and add a dashboard component

2 of 5. Which three functions are available to a Collaborative Forecast user in Lightning Experience?
  Choose 3 answers
A. Create a Locked Forecast to prevent editing
B. Designate a Delegated Forecast Administrator
C. See User Quota Attainment information
D. Adjust their own Product Family Forecast
E. Access Collaborative Forecasts in Lightning Sales Console

3 of 5. What functionality is available to users when adding files in Lightning Experience?
A. Create, share, and collaborate on documents with Quip without an external file provider
B. Mass upload Quip documents using the data loader
C. Create a new Quip file and add security from a downloaded file in Chatter
D. Access an external file provider and request secure Quip access

4 of 5. What functionality enables sales representatives to manage their own sales territories in Lightning Experience?
A. Advanced Territory Management
B. Corporate Territory Management
C. Enterprise Territory Management
D. Community Territory Management

5 of 5. When does an emoji icon appear in the Chatter publisher in Lightning Experience?
A. When a user creates a new Chatter group
B. When a user creates a new Chatter profile
C. When a user creates new Chatter posts and comments
D. When a user creates a new Chatter Quip file

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  1. Hi
    Can you please provide the updated dumps for salesforce adm 201 winter 18 exam,I am appearing for the same on 14th March .

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Seema.

      Please help me with the dumps i am going to schedule for adm201.
      Thank you.

      Yogesh Bohra

  2. Hey thanks a lot for your prompt response.I appeared for the same on 5th march preponed it and passed it.Next I am appearing for Sales cloud consultant certification Let me know if there are any dumps for that as well.

    1. Hi Seema,

      Did you get any dumps for Sales Cloud Consultant? Please let me know. Thanks in advance

  3. Hi,

    I’m scheduled to take the exam at the end of this month, can you please send me the updated dump for the winter 18 201 exam.

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  4. Thanks a lot for the maintenance exam qns. Passed both SU17 & WI18 with your post.Can you pls help me providing app builder transition (NB:not maintenance)dumps. Mine got expired and my last chance to attempt will be by Apr 6 🙁 and noticed that just yest.Afterwards I will have to go for full exam 🙁 Pls help me.

    1. Norton Paratela

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      How can I get the responses for the Administrator Certification Maintenance (Winter ‘19)? And how much does it cost?

      Thank you.

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