Salesforce Streaming Monitor App

Monitor streaming events visually (PushTopic, Generic, Platform Events, CDC…)

This Lightning App allows to monitor streaming events: PushTopic events, generic events, standard and custom platform events, Change Data Capture events, and monitoring events.

Features: – Subscribe to all streaming events (event types are automatically discovered) – Subscribe to and unsubscribe from specific streaming events with a user-friendly UI – Publish an event (generic events and platform events) – Register an event source (instructions and shortcuts)

Analyze past event content with: – timeline or table view – dynamic filters – flexible replay options

The app leverages the lighnting-emp-api Lightning Web Component for streaming event subscriptions and D3.js to draw a dynamic event timeline.

Presentation Video

Get it from the

@AppExchange (…) or GitHub (…).

Thank you @Philippe Ozil for getting this app up and running..<3

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