Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification- WI16 (Transition Exam Experience)

I cleared the Salesforce app builder transition exam today and thought of sharing my experience.. I can give a brief of what topics the exam touched on and how easy / hard was it..

Exam Format

the transition exam is 20 multiple choice questionnaire and you get 30 minutes to complete it.. pass percentage is 65%, so you need to get at least 13 questions correct

Topics Covered

  • Filed Types – focus on field type changes and data losses, limits & considerations of field type changes, field types for multi line paragraphs, phone number searches
  • Actions – Object Specific and Global Actions – focus on Child record creations from parent and auto relationships between them
  • Lightning Connect – External Objects & External Data Sources – focus on external ids, global search for external data, types of connectors
  • Rollup Summary Fields – required relationship type for rollup summary, where & how to create
  • Sandboxes – different types of sandboxes, which one includes data, when to use each type, what\’s preferred for testing, etc..
  • Packaging – managed / unmanaged, what\’s editable in unmanaged, test classes in packages
  • Assignment Rules – Case, Lead, what\’s required for assignment rules, how many can be active, how many rule criteria\’s can be there
  • Master Detail / Lookup – understand the difference and what happens when converting from one to another, what can give rollup summary fields
  • Record Types – business / sales process, impact on pick list values , page layouts, which picklist fields cannot have different values based on record types
  • Workflow Rule – Re Evaluation – what gets re evaluated when workflow rule field update is marked to re evaluate other rules
  • Order of Execution – go thru the salesforce reference on order of execution and understand the order for assignment , workflow, validation, escalation rules
  • Lightning App Builder – parts of app builder, types of components & actions you can add into the app, how to enable the app built in lightning app builder inside salesforce1 mobile, creating a tab for the app
  • Person Accounts – data storage for person accounts, difference compared to business accounts, record types for person accounts
  • Social Accounts – what\’s required to sync social accounts, what details you can see using social accounts
  • AppExchange – buy vs build, when to go for an appexchange app or develop in house, e.g. quick way to implement products, pricing, quote & order

I will share you few questions for understanding purpose:

1.Which is true about social accounts?

a) You can use social accounts data even when you are not logged into the social account.

b) You need a personal social account in order to see social account data

c) You can use social accounts to import data into salesforce

d) Connection to social account is established through a companywide “named principal”

A)You need a personal social account in order to see social account data

You want to use an External Data Object Table from Heroku / SQL Database carrying Product Category information. The data need to be included in Salesforce and searchable. What do you have to do before you can use the connection (choose two):


  1. a) Press “validate and sync”
  2. b) Choose “include in Salesforce searches” option
  3. c) Choose “include as index field”
  4. d) URL / choose the URL (?)


a)Press “validate and sync”

b)Choose “include in Salesforce searches” option

Person Accounts (choose two):

a) Do use space in both account and contacts table

b) Have the same icon as Business accounts

c) Can only be merged with other person accounts

d) Are enabled by default

e) Are enabled via feature license


A)Do use space in both account and contacts table

Can only be merged with other person accounts

Universal containers want to rollout new product bundles with several pricing options. Pricing options include product price bundles, account specific pricing and more. Which product satisfies the needs?


  1. a) Custom AppExchange app for product pricing
  2. b) Workflow on Opportunity/Opportunity Product
  3. c) Formula fields on Opportunity/Opportunity Product
  4. d) Lightning process builder


A)Custom AppExchange app for product pricing

Which components can be added to a lightning app on custom Object: (choose 3)


  1. a) Visualforce
  2. b) Standard Lightning component
  3. c) Custom lightning component
  4. d) Global actions
  5. e) Object specific actions on the custom object

A)b) Standard Lightning component

     c) Custom lightning component

     d) Global actions

Please read each question 1 or 2 times and then attempt it,Please mark it for review if you are not familiar with that question that will help you to recheck once again.

Few links to practice:


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  1. Thanks for this. It is really useful. How much do you reckon it has changed since you wrote this? I am going to sit this transition exam on Monday and am studying for it now.

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