Salesforce launches IoT Cloud to let business users act on Real and Big Data


Cloud software company Salesforce today is announcing the release of IoT Cloud, a new service that will put the company into a new market. Think of IoT Cloud as a tool that non-technical workers can use to automatically kick off specific actions based on data from Internet-connected devices, social media messages, websites, and other sources.

“We’re really focused on how we can take all the data that’s being generated by all these devices and make it more meaningful to our customers,” Dylan Steele, senior director of product marketing for Salesforce App Cloud, told VentureBeat in an interview.

Of course, IoT Cloud can integrate with Salesforce’s existing services, like the Marketing Cloud and the Service Cloud. Just as IoT can integrate with other

entities in the Salesforce portfolio, yesterday Salesforce announced that it’s more tightly integrating the Analytics Cloud with other parts of Salesforce, such as the widely used Sales Cloud customer relationship management (CRM) software.

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What uses does it have?

The potential uses are almost unlimited, but here\’s an example: by taking advantage of the Internet of Things, your products can carry out maintenance reporting and diagnostics on themselves.

From computer hard drives to cars and aircraft, devices with Internet of Things capability can sense when components are exhibiting faults or when they near their expected end of life – and can report this information back to you, directly into your CRM system.

Instead of waiting for a device to just stop working, smart products can identify faults, communicate them to technical support and initiate actions to resolve them – from ordering replacement parts to requesting a completely new device.

All this can happen before your customer is even aware of the issue.


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