Salesforce Data Cloud Pricing  

(Pricing You Should Know) 

People are questioning one thing – Why Salesforce Data Cloud? Well, loads of people know the capability of Data Cloud but the ones who don’t know it’s still a big question mark. So, let’s start with some simple statements initially and later discuss all its pricing and use cases in the different industries.  

So, the answer is simple – Salesforce Data Cloud is a game changer for your business. It empowers your teams to bring “special moments’ for your customers through real-time data from multiple data sources. A unified profile of your customer enables you to unlock the magic moments for every user. Make them feel like a king! 

A single source of truth is much needed for the modern world companies – Well, salesforce data cloud can do it for you. Every individual customer can now become a part of real-time automation, intelligence and experience throughout their journey.  

Prices that bring Something for Everyone – Salesforce Data Cloud 

The above paragraph shows that Salesforce Data Cloud is a real charm in this chut throat competitive market world. It unlocks your full potential & guess what – easily integrate with anyone. Whether you want to connect it with other data lakes and warehouses or want to perform a marriage with other clouds – Salesforce Data Cloud is compatible for all. 

Now, let’s move on to the prices – Well don’t worry, Valuehub IT is here to back you at every step. Our professionals will get a more exciting deal from integration to implementation – everything can be done with ease. 

Data Cloud for Marketing  

We all want to unify our data and require real–time insights – but how is it possible? Well, Data Cloud is your answer. It brings real-time data for you from marketing, sales, commerce, service, loyalty — and beyond and creates a unified profile of every user.  

Salesforce Data cloud retrieves the information from every single source of truth and segmentalize its basis on information and make a unified profile. Not bring real time automation, intelligence and experience for a seamless customer journey.  

Well, the service of Data cloud is based on consumption – pay only for services you use. Consumption is paid for using Data Services Credits and Segmentation & Activation Credits.  

Data Cloud Starter  $ 108,000 USD/org/year* 
Segmentations & Activations $1000 USD 
Data Service $1000 USD 
Add Ons- Ad Audiences Data Storage  $2400 USD Annually  $1800/TB USD Annually  

For more information about the pricing, you can consult the experienced and professional Salesforce Partner – Value hub IT Services.  

Data Cloud for Tableau 

A cloud-based customer data platform that makes it easy to connect to and analyze all of your customer data. 

Pay only for the services you use, with flexible pricing based on consumption. 

Data Cloud for Tableau  $ 108,000 USD/org/year* 
Data Service $1000 USD 
Data Storage $1800/TB USD Annually 

Start using tableau and act on smart data decisions with it.  

Some Salesforce Editions you should know about 

Data cloud is mainly available in Lightning experience for these standard salesforce edition  

  • Developer 
  • Enterprise 
  • Performance 
  • Unlimited  

Also, if you want some add-on licenses, you will be entitled to some great features too. The feature licenses include: 

  • Ad Audiences 
  • Data Spaces 
  • Segmentation & Activation  

Every org is special for us, and its features require purchasing and add-on licenses. Well, don’t worry as Value hub IT Salesforce Data Cloud professionals are available for you at every stage. So, here is a table that shows features, licenses and which categorize as add-on, and which are available.  

Features Customer Data Platform Licenses Data Cloud licenses 
Data Cloud Setup Available Available 
Data Spaces Requires add-on license Requires add-on license 
Data Streams Available Available 
DataShare’s Available Available 
Data Lake Objects Available Available 
Data Transforms Available Available 
Data Modeling Available Available 
Data Explorer Available Available 
Identity Resolution Available Available 
Profile Explorer Available Available 
Calculated Insights Available Available 
Streaming Insights Available Available 
Einstein Studio Bring Your Own Model Not Available Available 
Data Actions and Data Action Targets Available Available 
Advertising Integrations Requires add-on license Requires add-on license 
Segmentation Overall Available Requires add-on license 
Segmentation: Einstein Lookalike Segments Not Available Requires add-on license 
Activation and Activation Targets Available Requires add-on license 

Final Thoughts 

When we say Salesforce Data Cloud is powerful, we really mean it. It unifies, harmonizes and activates a smart segment for your business. So, be prepared for the next gen thing and be the part of the most disruptive product of the Salesforce – Data Cloud.  

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