Winter \’15 release Updates


The Community Engagement Console is now called Community Management, also referred to as the Community Management Page.

Edit button is changed to drop down with Administration Settings and Community Management. link is changed and replaced to Community Designer.

Community management is a dashboard for Communities.

Community Analytics 2.0 allows us to manually refresh by clicking \”Refresh\” button.

Community Designer has the following

1. List and Menu items
2. Brand Editor
3. Preview Changes
4. Toolbar

3 Self-Service Templates:

1. Kokua – Knowledge Articles
2. Koa – For Mobile devices
3. Napili

Unlisted Group:

Setup –> Chatter –> Settings –> Edit –> Enable Unlisted Groups.

Unlisted groups are similar to private groups in that only members can view an unlisted group’s feed or files. However, unlisted groups provide more privacy compared to private groups.

1. Membership for unlisted groups is by invitation only. Nonmembers can’t ask to join them.
Unlisted groups don’t display in list views, feeds, and search results for nonmembers. Only members and users with the “Manage Unlisted Groups” permission can find and access an unlisted group.

2. You can’t see unlisted groups on a user’s profile in Chatter unless you have access to the group.
Even users with the “Modify All Data” or “View All Data” permissions can’t access an unlisted group unless they’re members or they have the “Manage Unlisted Groups” permission.
Nonmembers can’t visit the group detail page. (With private groups, nonmembers can see a truncated version of the detail page, which shows the name, description, and member list, but not the feed or files.)

3. Chatter enforces group name uniqueness across public, private, and unlisted groups. If a user tries to create a group with the same name as an unlisted group, they’ll see an error message that informs them that a group by the same name exists. For this reason, we recommend that you don’t include sensitive information in unlisted group names. Choose names that are difficult to guess or not obvious. For example, don’t use an obvious name like Acme Merger.


1. If you decide to create an unlisted group, make sure that you consider these limitations.
Custom pages or third-party applications integrated with Salesforce could expose unlisted group information to users who don\’t have access via the Salesforce UI. Check in with your administrator about who can access information in unlisted groups in your organization.

2. After creating an unlisted group, you can’t change it to a private or public group. You also can’t change a private or public group to an unlisted group.

3. You can’t use topics in unlisted groups. You can add a hashtag topic when writing a post or comment in an unlisted group, and the topic will be formatted as a link after you post. However, a topic detail page isn’t created, and the link won’t work.

4. You can’t mention unlisted groups in posts or comments.

Collaborative Forcecasts:

1. Display overlay splits in the forecast.
2. Display the forecast based on custom opportunity currency fields.


Side panel is used to add email, attachments, events and tasks.

Side panel can be viewed in outlook.


Individual users can manage activities.

To enable Setup –> Activities –> Settings –> Enable User Control over Task Assignment Notifications.

Users can manage in My Settings –> Reminders & Alerts.

Chatter Questions:

While typing the question, related questions will be available in the dropdown list.

Answered marked as the best answer will be in the top of the list.

To enable, add Questions Publisher Action.

Not supported in Chatter Desktop.


While searching, related articles will be displayed below.

To enable, Setup –> Customize –> Knowledge –> Settings –> Knowledge One –> Highlight relevant article text within search results.

Filter logic is default to And/Or for results for search.

Knowledge Search Activity report type can be used to report on Average Click Rank, keywords used for search, etc…


Extended for Blackberry and Windows.

Action bar and Action Menu are implemented and it replaces action tray.

Quick Start Wizard is implemented. To view Setup –> Salesforce1 Setup –> Launch Quick Start Wizard.

SalesforceA: can be accessed by going to Home Screen –> Scheduled Maintenance –>

Advanced Search in

Object field is included to identify the object of the record in search results.
Automatically enabled.

To disable, go to Setup –> Build –> Customize –> User Interface and disable \”Enable Advanced Setup Search (Beta)\” checkbox.

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