Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder – Winter \’17 Release Exam Q & A

1 of 7.Which two options are available when activating a custom record page in Lightning App Builder?
Choose 2 answers BC

A.Add the page as an available Component type.
B.Assign the page to specific apps.
C.Assign the page as the default record page.
D.Assign the page to user profiles.

2 of 7.Which three types of Salesforce IDs can be use to update existing campaign members using the Data Import Wizard?
Choose 3 answers ADE

A.Campaign Member ID
B.User ID
C.Person Account ID
D.Contact ID
E.Lead ID

3 of 7. What component must be included in a change set in order to deploy a global picklist value set? A

A.Global Value Set
B.Custom Field
C.Field Mapping
D.Picklist Values

4 of 7.What is the most efficient way to change a picklist that uses a global value set from a single-select picklist to a multi-select picklist? D

A.Use the Picklist Type Change wizard.
B.Delete the single-select picklist and recreate it as a multi-select picklist.
C.Create a new global value set.
D.Edit the picklist field and use the Change Field Type button.

5 of 7.What custom field type can be used to link one custom metadata type to another custom metadata type by clicking on a lookup icon? C

A.Type Link
B.Lookup Relationship
C.Metadata Relationship
D.Master-Detail Relationship

6 of 7.Which three steps do users need to complete in order to login without a password using Lightning Login?
Choose 3 answers ACD

A.Verify identity using either a PIN or fingerprint.
B.Navigate to the secret URL provided by an Administrator.
C.From the login screen, click on a Lightning Login-enabled username.
D.Acknowledge the notification sent to the Salesforce Authenticator app.
E.Answer a series of challenge questions.

7 of 7.Where can Salesforce Classic, Lightning, and connected apps all be managed in one place in Lightning Experience? A

A.Lightning Experience App Manager
B.Lightning Page Tabs
C.Lightning Components
D.Lightning App Builder

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