Salesforce Certified Administrator– Spring ’17 Release Exam Q & A

1.Which two Chatter Stream functionalities are available in Lightning Experience?
Choose 2 answers?
Answer: A,C

A.Create up to 25 entities per Chatter Stream.
B.Create up to 25 Chatter Streams in Lightning.
C.Create up to 5 Chatter Streams in Lightning.
D.Create up to 5 Chatter Streams in Lightning or Classic.


Lightning Chatter Home Page Gets a Makeover A lot is happening in the left column of the Lightning Chatter Home page. The All Company feed is now called Company Highlights and serves up a dynamic list of the most popular posts from your entire company (Top Posts). Under Company Highlights, we introduce a new feature called Streams. Create up to five custom feeds that each combines posts from up to 25 of your most useful sources. Under your list of Streams, you now have quick access to five of your most recently updated groups. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.
Create Custom Feeds with Chatter Streams.
Now you can put together the information that’s most useful to you in your own custom feeds with Chatter streams.
Create up to five Chatter streams that combine posts from different feeds and different feed types. Combine feeds from people, groups, and records, like your accounts, opportunities, and cases. This feature is new in Lightning Experience
Add up to 25 entities (feeds and records) to one stream to create a nicely rounded body of information. Create up to five streams, and get to them easily from the left column of your Chatter home page (1). Didn’t come out perfect the first time? Fine! Edit your stream to get it flowing with the right information (2). Isn’t useful to you anymore? Delete the stream (3), and replace it with something new (4).
Note: You can add 25 unique feeds, records, groups, and people to a stream. If your access to any of them is removed, the removed entity is still counted as part of the 25. You can’t replace it with something else.
You don’t have to follow a person, group, or record before you add it to a stream. The great thing about adding a feed to a stream is it doesn’t count against the number of follows you’re allowed
Note: Because a stream is made up of multiple feeds, no publisher is provided for posting to a stream.

2.Universal Containers uses web-to-lead.
How can an Administrator help sales representatives focus on legitimate prospects rather than unqualified leads?

A.Use the web-to-lead encryption feature.
B.Use a Lead Source field on Web-to-Lead forms
C.Use the reCAPTCHA widget to filter out spam.
D.Use rich text area (RTA) fields on Web-to-Lead forms.


Web-to-Case: Thwart Spammers with reCAPTCHA
Add reCAPTCHA to your Web-to-Case form to make it easy for customers to contact your company while making it difficult for spambots to waste service agents’ time. The reCAPTCHA widget requires customers to select a checkbox before they can create a case. Enabling spam filtering lets customer service agents focus on resolving real customer issues, and not on spam cases. This change applies to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

3.What feature describes the capabilities of email-to-case record assignment to queues?

A.Assigning cases to queues overrides the default case owner.
B.Assigning cases to queues is supported only for Outlook routing addresses.
C.Assigning cases to queues is supported in Lightning only.
D.Assigning cases to queues uses the default case owner


Automatically Assign Cases to Queues When Customers Submit Cases via Email-to-Case
Automatically assign cases to support queues when customers submit cases using Email-to-Case, so that service agents can quickly triage and respond to new cases. When you configure an Email-to-Case routing address, select a queue to assign cases to. This change applies to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.
When you assign cases to a user or queue via the routing address, your selection overrides the default case owner that’s specified on the Support Settings page.
Previously, assigning cases to queues was supported only for Outlook routing addresses, not for Email-to-Case routing addresses.

4.Which two features best describe the enhanced Contact search functionality?
Choose 2 answers?

A.Enter the Account name, and the first and last names of all related Contacts are returned.
B.Enter the first name and the Account name, and Contacts that match the search terms are returned.
C.Enter address, the Account name, and Contacts that match the search terms are returned.
D.Enter the last name and the Account name, and Contacts that match the search terms are returned.


Search for Contacts Using the Account Name
Find the right person, right away. Simply enter a contact and account name when you search. This change applies to Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and all versions of the Salesforce1 mobile app.
It’s easier than ever to find a contact. Enter a first or last name, or both, plus the account name. Contacts that match the search terms and relate the specified account are returned.

5 .Which two choices are available with email attachment settings?
Choose 2 answers?

A.Always send files as content delivery links.
B.Always send files as attachments.
C.Always send files as attachments, up to 5MB.
D.Always send files as attachments, up to 3MB.


Decide When to Send Files as Links
When users attach files to emails, the files can be sent as attachments or as content delivery links. Previously, files were sent as content delivery links only when the total size of all attached files exceeds 3 MB.
Now you can choose from a few different options. You can keep the default setting of emailing files as links only if the total size exceeds 3 MB, or choose one of two new options:
Always send files as links
Send files as links only when the total size of all attached files exceeds the maximum supported by most email servers

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