Radar Chart using Visualforce and Apex in Salesforce

sample code:

vf page:

vf page1

Apex Controller:

public class Sample {

public List data {get;set;}
public sample() {
data = new List();
List memList = new List();
memList = [SELECT Name, Age__c, X10th__c, X12th__c FROM Member__c];
for(Member__c mem : memList) {
data.add(new RadarData(mem.Name, mem.X10th__c, mem.X12th__c, mem.Age__c));
public class RadarData {
String memName {get;set;}
Decimal tenthPercent {get;set;}
Decimal twelthPercent {get;set;}
Decimal age {get;set;}

public RadarData(String memName, Decimal tenthPercent, Decimal twelthPercent, Decimal age) {
this.memName = memName;
this.tenthPercent = tenthPercent;
this.twelthPercent = twelthPercent;
this.Age = age;


radar chart


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