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I recently had the pleasure of installing LearnTrac into my org, this was in part to investigate how the application worked and to help try to solve an issue of Staff Training. I’ve been so impressed with the trailhead experience that I felt there has to be a similar product available on the appexchange.

First thing to note about LearnTrac – it’s FREE! yes FREE


LearnTrac is a Managed Learning Management App based on Almond. Create, assign and track learning activities for your users, reward them based on their progress and analyze learning data through reports & dashboards for internal and community users.

  • All the power of the “For Fee LMS” but delivered at no Cost. Fully supported with a team of Salesforce ISV veterans. 24*7 Support

  • eLearning, Instructor Led Training, Virtual Instructor Led Training, eLearning, eCommerce.

  • Free Managed Native Learning Management System based on the Force.com Labs Almond App. It is fully functioning LMS including eCommerce, Surveys, Quizzes, Tasks, External Resources, Check-In Activities, Achievements, ILT, VILT and Communities

  • When integrated with ViewTrac by Appinium, full support of Video and SCORM eLearning classes, AICC, TinCan, PDF and other media types..


LearnTrac allows you to create and assign training content to your users through training plans or training catalogs.

Achievements can be given to learners based on their training progress. ViewTrac provides mobile-ready pages so that customers can take training from their mobile devices through the Salesforce1 App.


– Supported managed package
– Create learning activities such as :
* Quizzes,
* Instructor Led Training,
* Virtual Instructor Led Training,
* Rich Text,
* Tasks,
* External Resources
* Check-In at specific locations
– Leveage SalesforceReports & Dashboards
– Wave insights
– Version your learning contents
– Plugin custom Visualforce pages for custom learning experiences
– Create guided learning journeys through Training Tracks
– Create Training Catalogs and allow users to self-register to training
– Create custom learning badges or use existing Work.com badges
– Search for users achievements
– Support for Admin, Publisher and Learner roles
– Learners Leaderboard

I’ve seen apps promise this much before and only a few actually deliver, this app certainly does deliver. The setup of your Training Schedule can feel a bit confusing at first but once you get going it’s pretty simple to get up and running. I managed to create and publish 6 Training Schedules in a day.

Even if you weren’t looking for a solution to internal training you should take a look, it’s extended to communities as well so if you have a onboarding process where new staff get access to the community you could assign them a Learning Schedule for introducing them to your organisation.

Take a look here.

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