How do you deploy using change sets and Eclipse? & what are advantages or disadvantages of Change sets and Eclipse?

through change sets–>
1.we need to authorize the deployment connection
2.we have to create and upload Outbound Change set in Sandbox.
3.we have to validate the Inbound Changeset
4.Deploy an Inbound Change set.


Advantages of Change sets:
1. The change set remains active in organization for a period of time allowing for an audit of changes (beyond the setup audit trail).
This functionality is in Sales force setup.
2. Change set can be include almost anything for example classes, pages, reports, objects, page layouts, record types, email templates etc.
3. Easy to deploy sandbox to production.
Authorize deployment connection.
Create outbound change set in sandbox environment.
Upload from Sandbox environment.
Review inbound change and deploy in production.
4.Faster as compare to all other tool like Eclipse IDE.
Disadvantage of Change sets:
1. Lookup filter, labels, new picklist values, custom setting & labels are not available for deployments.
2. Time based workflow trigger actions cannot be migrated.
3. When migrating workflows, you need to manually select the workflow rule and its actions separately.
4. No option of refreshing the change sets tool.
5. Not all metadata is supported in the metadata API which means some manual changes may need to be made in the production org.

Advantages of IDE:
1. It provides a comfortable environment for programmers familiar with integrated development environments, allowing you to the code, compile, test, and package and deploy all from within the IDE itself.
2. It Provide the code editor following are features:
Syntax highlighting for the Apex key words.
Code assist for Apex system classes, user-defined classes, and schema objects.
Click-to-line integration with errors and testing views.
Unlimited undo and redo.
Tabbed views of source code and XML metadata definition on app.
3. We can validate the selected classes/trigger etc before deployment.
4. IDE provides an Apex Test Runner view where you can test your methods to see which the tests are are passing or failing helpful in Test class.
5. If deployment fail it will shows the errors with line number.
Disadvantages of IDE:
1.It takes long time for loading and deployments which is initialization step of our project.
2.We can’t run our visual force page GUI on browser 3.Detailed logs are not generated in Integrated Development Environment. For example system log file.4.We are not able to update user profiles using eclipse IDE. Like configuration changes not done in this tool.


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