Enable the Global Header for Communities

When Communities is enabled, the global header allows you to easily switch between your communities and your internal organization. Communities must be enabled in your organization to use the global header


The View Global Header permission is disabled by default for all standard profiles. To view the global header, users must be assigned the “View Global Header” permission either by selecting it on standard profiles, creating custom profiles, or by creating a permission set. Create permission sets to easily assign this permission to specific people.

1. From Setup, enter Permission Sets in the Quick Find box, then select Permission Sets.

2. Click New and create a permission set that includes the System Permission View Global Header.

3. Assign the permission set to the appropriate users. Users with this permission set see the global header at the top of all pages.

They can use the menu on the left to switch between their internal organization and any communities they have access to.

Enabling or Disabling global header:

1. Open the user\’s profile.

2. Select \”System Permissions\”.



3. Enable or disable \”View Global Header\” check box to enable and disable global header.

*To know about communities step by step creation, Please click here.


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