Console Tab in Salesforce

The console is a tab that combines related records into one screen with different frames so that users have all the information they need when interacting with Salesforce. Common tasks are accomplished with fewer clicks and without much navigation. Administrators choose the information displayed in the console to accommodate varied and evolving business processes.

Setting up and using the Console tab:

1. Click Your Name –> Setup –> Customize –> Agents Console –> Console Layouts.

2. Click “New Button” to create a Console Layout.

3. Enter the layout name and click “Save” button.

4. Open the Console Layout and click “Edit” button in Selected List Views.

5. Add or remove objects that you want users to choose from in the list view of the console and click “Save” button.

6. Go to Create –> Apps.

7. Click “Edit” link to the app in which you want Console tab.

8. Add Console tab to the Selected Tabs and click “Save” button.

9. Go to Console Layout and click “Console Layout Assignment” button.

10. Assign it to the Profiles and click “Save” button.

11. Click “Console” tab to view it.


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